We treat multiple disorders of the shoulder including rotator cuff disorders, labral tears, arthritis, inflammatory conditions and fractures. Rotator cuff disorders include a spectrum of disease ranging from tendonitis and impingement to partial or full thickness cuff tears. Early treatment includes non-operative methods such as anti-inflammatories, injections, and therapy. When necessary open or arthroscopic surgery is performed to treat the condition. Most of these procedures are performed in an outpatient setting.

Our shoulder arthritis pathway includes a similar non-operative treatment regimen . Once a patient develops intolerable pain and dysfunction we may perform a Total Shoulder Arthroplasty using custom techniques to match the patients size, alignment, rotation and deformity. The goal is to create a “Patient Specific Shoulder” . If they have a severely dysfunctional rotator cuff such as a chronic irreparable tear or a failed repair, they may be a candidate for a Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty. These patients will undergo inpatient surgery and can expect to be in the hospital for 1 – 2 days. Our surgeons are well trained in primary and reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty.