We treat multiple disorders of the knee including sports injuries,  arthritis, inflammatory conditions and fractures.  Our  arthritis treatment pathway starts with simple non-operative treatments such  as analgesics,  weight loss,  physical therapy,  exercise,  simple bracing,  walking aids,  cortisone injections, and hyaluronic acid (viscosupplement)  injections.  There  may be a role for arthroscopy early in the process especially in the setting  of meniscus tears or loose bodies. Arthroscopy is most helpful for the mechanical problems  but it  will not reverse the arthritis. Once a patient has intolerable pain and dsysfunction we may perform knee replacement surgery using custom techniques tailored to match the patients size,  alignment,  rotation  and deformity.  The goal is to create a “Patient Specific Knee”.  The patient is in the hospital for 3 days and may then go home or to a rehab facility. Our surgeons are well  trained in primary and revision knee replacement procedures.

The physicians also treat a variety of sports knee injuries using non-operative modalities and operative techniques when necessary.  Each surgeon is proficient in arthroscopic knee surgery such as meniscal procedures,   ligament repair/reconstruction,  microfracture, and patella-femoral realignment procedures. Most of these surgeries are performed in an outpatient setting.