We treat a variety of hip conditions such as arthritis, inflammatory conditions, and hip fractures to name a few. For arthritis we use no-noperative treatment early in the process such as anti-inflammatories, weight loss, walking aids, exercise, and injections.

Once a patient has intolerable pain and dysfunction we may perform hip replacement surgery using custom techniques tailored to match the patients size, alignment, rotation and deformity. The goal is to create a “Patient Specific Hip”. The patient is in the hospital for 3 days and may then go home or to a rehab facility. Our surgeons are well trained in primary and revision hip joint replacement procedures.

Many elderly patients may develop osteoporosis and be at risk for hip fractures. We can follow the bone density and actively treat the condition if the patient is not already having this treated by his/her primary physician. If a fracture does occur, we are equipped to treat all types of hip fractures. Some of the fractures can be fixed with screws, hip nails or plates whereas others may require partial or total joint replacement depending on the situation. Most of our hip fracture patients will go to a rehab