Injuries to the upper extremity are very common, and we see them every day in our clinics at Arkansas Bone and Joint. These injuries can occur as the result of a fall or acute injury, but often they present as a chronic, overuse injury. Other times, they may present simply as numbness and tingling in the hand. These injuries can be debilitating, painful, and may even interfere with a good nights sleep. Carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger fingers, tennis elbow, cubital tunnel, rotator cuff tears, labrum tears, bursitis, and general arthritis pain are just some of the common problems that we see and treat everyday. Many of these orthopedic conditions of the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder respond very well to conservative treatments such as injections, medications, and therapy. Patients typically do well with surgery when non-operative treatment fails.

At Arkansas Bone and Joint, we offer a wide variety of surgical options for upper extremity disorders: carpal tunnel releases, ganglion excision, trigger finger release, tennis elbow surgery, fracture care, tendon repair, infection drainage, shoulder arthroscopy, and rotator cuff procedures are some of the more common procedures performed by our surgeons. Our goal is to decrease pain and restore function when treating these common disorders.